Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the KN95 and N95?

A: Different countries have their own code for respirators with ≥95% filtration. The KN95 is the China code while the N95 is the USA code. The various global respirators have slightly shape differences and appearances, but they are all build to achieve the same thing: ≥95% filtration efficiency. 3M and other reputable corporations have reviewed the various global equivalent respirators that all offer the same protective filtration percentage.

Q: Where are your masks manufactured?

A: Our masks are Made in China, manufactured in our own dust-free sanitized factory and managed by U.S. team.

Q: I see your masks are manufactured in an FDA Registered facility, does that mean the mask is FDA Approved? 

A: Our masks are produced in factories that hold active FDA Certificate of Registration. The FDA Registration allows US buyers to cross check our validation on FDA public database. However, the KN95 is not an FDA Approved Class II Medical Device such as the NIOSH-approved N95 US version. The CDC lists the KN95 as a suitable alternative to provide protection during the COVID-19 response when supplies of N95 are not available.

Q: Why did you start selling face masks?

A: We were a factory that's specializing home use beauty device, our company took a huge hit during this global pandemic. Each one of our masks is sold at a price that is much LOWER than the market price. We are not here for a quick profit, we ONLY make enough profit to pay our expenses and employees and keep the company afloat.​

Q: Shouldn’t the prices be lower?

A: They absolutely should! The unfortunate fact is, since January alone, material and production cost has increased nearly 20X! To make matters worse, air freight out of China is at a 3X increase to what it cost just 4 months ago. In addition to the supply and demand constants currently, we are still trying very hard to maintain the same standards as 3M and other large corporations. We use 5 layers for KN95 with full weighted beltblown non-woven and hot air through non-woven materials. Since we have our own factory, we were able to keep much LOWER price than what's on the market.  

Q: Does the mask come in different sizes?

A: No, only one size is offered in the KN95 mask. The KN95 is a flexible protective alternative to the form molded N95 equivalent. The pliable nature of the material and adjustable nose clip allows for universal fit.