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To encourage everyone to wear a mask, we are now contributing 100,000 masks to society by offering those masks at COST PRICE!!!! Those 100,000 masks will run out very fast. Get yours nowÔľĀ

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KN95 Protective Face Mask effectively filters 95% of oil-free air particles, helping in the prevention of viral transmission. Our KN95 mask is suitable for industrial, professional or personal use at home. The 5-Layer filtration provides excellent protection, while the comfortable pliable shape is soft on the skin, non-toxic, and non-irritating. When worn correctly, you will benefit from comprehensive protection. Soft elastic ear-loops on both sides provide a secure and tight fit to various face shapes and sizes. 

  • Filtration Efficiency: ‚Č•95% 
  • Execution Standard: GB2626-2006 
  • KN95Material: our protective mask is made of non-woven fabrics filtering material 
  • Produced in our facility with active 2020 FDA Certificate of Registration 


What is the difference between KN95, N95 and other global equivalent respirator masks?

All of the global equivalents are tested at the same protective standards. While each global version is slight different in shape and design, they are all manufactured to provide ~95% filtration of particles >0.3 microns in size. 

The CDC notes the KN95 as a ‚Äúsuitable alternative to provide protection during the COVID-19 response‚ÄĚ when traditional N95 respirators are not available. 

KN95 Face Mask details
KN95 5 Layers Protection
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KN95 Face Mask Details

Why Us?

Managed by U.S. team, we guarantee to provide the best quality products and services to the people in need with the most compatible price.

YULI is a KN95 respirator factory that's based in Shenzhen China. We make high filtration rating KN95 that can be backed up by officially test reports. Each one of our masks is sterilized and ready to protect you from the COVID-19. We have shipped millions of mask over the past a few months, and we will continue to contribute our masks to the world to save more lives. 

We were a factory that's specializing home use beauty device, our company took a huge hit during this global pandemic. Each one of our masks is sold at a price that is much LOWER than the market price. We are not here for a quick profit, we ONLY make enough profit to pay our expenses and employees and keep the company afloat.‚Äč 

Have any questions? Send us an email to: info@yulifacemask.com

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